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Have you already tried

to have more self-esteem

But you still don't have what you want?


Daniel Packard

World's First Self-Esteem Scientist

Are You Tired Of:

  • Feeling stressed & overwhelmed

  • Caring too much what others think

  • Doubt keeping you from what you want

  • Exhausting codependent relationships 

  • Not being the best version of you

Would You Like To:

  • Feel more calm and grounded

  • Consistently be the best you

  • Master getting what you want

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin

  • Create deep, connected love

The Good News:

Having that better life is possible

when you love yourself more

The Bad News:

Most approaches to self-esteem

don't work that well

Have You Already Tried

The Good News:

I created a profoundly simple but deeply effective methodology to build 
self-esteem quickly...that just works

Listen To 

These remarkable testimonials of people who are living happier lives from using this innovative & effective self-esteem building technology

To Have More Self-Esteem

But you still don't

have what you want?

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Read Below To Learn

  • The simple (but often missed) reason your self-esteem isn't changing faster and keeping you stuck.

  • How to learn a profoundly effective self-esteem methodology that just by learning it will build your confidence by 15%.

  • How to get this self-love system (normally $175) completely for free. 

It's Not Your Fault

If you are here...then you already know that a lack of self-esteem is getting in the way of the person you want to be and the life you want to live. And while it's hard for you right now, you should be proud of yourself, because most people have no idea self-esteem is even an issue.

But then again you aren't most people. You have done enough inner work to know partly what holds you back.  A lack of self-esteem.  

The problem is you've probably already tried some things to help you with your self-esteem, and they have helped a bit, but you are still dealing with some of the same old insecurity, doubt, and probably keep repeating those same old patterns that keep you from what you want, but you can't help it.  

If that's true....a) you're not alone. And b) it's not your fault. Aside from what you are about to read about below, there is no truly effective and systematic approach to building self-esteem out there.  

And I know because I (my name is Daniel by the way) was terribly insecure and wanted to love myself more. But when I went looking for help...nothing really worked that well. It was lots of tips and flowery insights but nothing truly practical and efficient at creating that deep self-esteem and confidence in myself.  

So I knew who I wanted to be. 

I just couldn't be it.

And I refused to be okay with that.


I am a Mechanical Engineer and so out of passion and necessity, I spent ten years of research working with over 300,00 people to design and develop world's first 'Science of Self-Esteem.'

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You Need A System

My research and experimentation showed clearly that self-esteem mechanically behaves like a muscle that needs to be built and maintained. To do that successfully you need a structure and a daily practice to build and maintain that self-esteem strength. 


From my research people who didn't have that structure and a daily self-love practice, would just learn about self-love and have more awareness around it, but sadly never truly have deep self-love and acceptance.  And sadly never feel fully confident, grounded and calm.


If you want deep confidence 

You need a self-esteem system

Mind Heart Healing System

I spent another five years developing and perfecting a 'Self-Esteem System' that is complete and effective, but also simple and practical.  Meaning if you work the steps you get the results.

Remember I'm an Engineer, I like to make things that work.

I call this

Innovative Inner Technology:


MHHS Will Show You:

  • Why even though you have tried to change in the past, you haven't been able to.

  • The way most people teach self-esteem may actually make you more insecure

And Then

MHHS Will Show You: 

  • A fully integrated and effective understanding of your inner mechanics.

  • An effective methodology to systematically move from insecurity to confidence.

  • Proper inner mechanics, so you can create deep, permanent change you can really feel


A FREE G.I.F.T. For You

Normally...the One-Hour MHHS Video Training is $175. However I am the founder of Global Inner Fitness Training (GIFT). GIFT is the non-profit I founded to bring this easy to learn self-esteem/self-love technology to the world. And because GIFT is a non-profit (and supported by generous grants) you can get the MHHS training...COMPLETELY FOR FREE

This Isn't For Everybody

While MHHS works for anybody, it's not for everybody.  

This is not for you:

If you want quick surface level tips and strategies where you learn things...but don't actually change and feel better.

This is for you:

...If you are deeply committed to your growth and seek a profoundly illuminating and extensive education about your inner self-love mechanics.

...If you want to find out why even though you have tried to change in the past you haven't been able to.

...If you want to learn a simple but complete self-esteem approach so you can finally stop learning about self-esteem and just actually love yourself more so you can feel more calm, confident and truly free.







Normally $175






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