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My name is Daniel Packard...

...and I am the founder of the non-profit Global Inner Fitness Training (G.I.F.T). With GIFT I go all over the world demonstrating a simple but profoundly effective inner technology [that you'll have an opportunity to get for free later] that I engineered to empower corporations, universities, and non profits to bring real, fast, meaningful inner change to the people they support.

I hope you noticed I wrote the words:

'simple but profoundly effective'

Why does that matter to you?

Take the following quiz.

Please answer Yes or No


Is there something in your life you keep trying to fix 

but no matter what books you read or videos you watch 

you just can't seem to fix it?


Have you turned to spirituality

which has helped you manage the symptoms

but you are still dealing with the symptoms?

Have you turned to personal development 

and received insights as to what holds you back

but you still feel held back by it?

Do you have a pattern you do that pushes away what you want 

and you have a lot of awareness around the pattern

but you still just keep doing the pattern?

Have you watched a motivational speaker say inspiring words

And you think 'Yes. They are so right. I am capable of so much more'

But then you don't end up actually fulfilling your full potential?

​If you answered 'YES'  to any of the above...

then you already know that when you are trying to be better, and no matter what you try, it's just not getting you's heartbreaking. 

You're a do-er. You like to make things better

Which is great.  It's one of your gifts.

But when that thing is you, and you can't make you better or your life better, it's leaves you feeling restless, bored and unfulfilled.

You have a good life.  But you want a great life. 

And when you try and try and can't make that happen it leaves you with this constant sadness and longing.  

When you want to be the best, proud, capable version of yourself...but you are still being followed around by that one thing that's been here since middle school or high school. 

And you say to yourself:

"What the hell? Is this thing still here?"

"Didn't I deal with you already? " 

"I just want more...How do I get more?"

 "Do I just have to deal with all this for the rest of my life."  

And the answer is ' don't'

Because I am going to teach you something that will help you

even though other things have failed you in the past.

And I know that seems like a pretty big claim.

Especially given how other things haven't helped enough so far.

but I've been there...

I used to be horribly stressed, insecure, codependent, and I didn't just have issues...I had subscriptions. 

And I spent 10 years and $100,000 on books, classes workshops, retreats, coaches. And they all helped me a bit. They helped me to be more aware and knowledgable. They helped me manage the symptoms. 


But I still just never felt fully free of what held me back deep down. I still felt a prisoner of my deep doubt, fears and insecurities. 

At first I thought it was me, but then I uncovered it's partly how spirituality and personal development are taught.

There are many teachers out there and most are well intentioned and helpful to a degree. But my research revealed that unfortunately almost all of them teach an incomplete model of understanding.  And that is why you aren't changing faster.


They are helpful at telling what the problem is and what would be better.  But they don't give you a truly effective how

Telling people the 'what' with the 'how' sets them up for failure. It's like if you are drowning and somebody says 'Hey it sure would be better if you could swim' and then walks away.   


And then when we drown in our own limitations we subconsciously tell yourselves 'See maybe there is something wrong with me.'  That's how I used to feel.


So hear me how...There is


There is however something wrong with

the way personal development and spirituality are taught that doesn't work.

And I am here to expose that to you so you can finally learn what does work.

I know that sounds like a pretty bold claim. I get it. I sound arrogant.

But here is why I can scientifically back it up


I am a Mechanical Engineer...

...and when I realized there was nobody teaching a truly effective 'how' I decided to engineer it.

I spent ten years working with over 300,000 to design, develop and perfect an inner technology designed with one goal in just work. Meaning a simple, practical systematic process that takes you beyond knowing about the problem and managing symptoms...and takes you to real, permanent deep change that you can actually feel in your body...quickly.

And to be clear, this inner technology doesn't just work. The technology works because it goes deeper (perhaps deeper than you have ever gone before) to the to root cause.

And the technology works because it's not just information. It's a systematic methodology where if you work the steps, you get the results:


  • Not caring what others think

  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin

  • Liking who you see in the mirror.

  • Feeling naturally calm, centered and grounded

  • Consistently being that best version of yourself

  • Creating deeper love and connection than ever before


  I call this Innovative and Effective

Inner Technology the






In One Hour: MHHS Will Show You: 

  • Why even though you have been trying to change in the past you haven't been able .

  • Why personal development and spiritually are accidentally keeping you stuck.

  • A fully integrated and effective understanding of your inner mechanics.

  • An effective methodology to change quickly and permanently.






 I know a lot of things out there claim to help, and don't. 

So to demonstrate the efficacy of this technology we will measure your fear of rejection before and after you learn MHSS.

And you will experience up to a 75% drop in fear and doubt.

Which is the same as a 75% increase in confidence.

A FREE G.I.F.T. For You

When I teach MHHS to companies I charge $700/person. When I teach it in non-profits I charge $175. For the next six months however I am going to give individuals the opportunity to learn it.

And because G.I.F.T. is a non-profit (and supported by generous grants from companies like Google) I can offer you this opportunity...Completely for Free.

It's a Gift from G.I.F.T.

This Isn't For Everybody

While MHHS works for anybody, it is not for everybody.  

This is not for you:

If you want quick surface level tips and strategies where you learn things...but don't actually change and feel better.

This is for you:

If you are deeply committed to your growth and seek a profoundly illuminating and extensive education about your inner mechanics


If you want to learn a simple but complete approach to inner change that is fast and most importantly effective.

If that's you...

and I hope it is...because I really want to help you finally get what you want...then learn the:





For Free

Normally $175







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