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My name is Daniel Packard I am the founder of the non-profit Global Inner Fitness Trainig (GIFT) Our . mission is to use an innovative inner technology I created, to lead happier and healtier lives.

I say innvoative because this inner technology was designed to help millions of people by simple, practical an effective.  That could be brought to companies, schools, prisons, organizations. To create real change with s a simple, practical system.  It's profoundly effective at bringing real, measurable change when other things have failed you.  It helps people become that best version of themselves key word 'become'

And that matters to you because you may already be suffering from 'I know it but I can't be it - itus' 

  • Have you tried to change in the past but still keep repeating the same old patterns

  • Have you read a lot of self-help books and you know it intellectually know it, but can't consistently pull it off

  • Is spirituality sometimes too abstract and you'd like somebody simple and practical that you can easily implement into your daily life.

  • Do you learn things and say 'yes that makes sense, I want to do that' but then it doesn't happen.

  • And then maybe when you faily you subconsciously say 'See I knew it, there is something wrong with me'

  • Have you taken some workshops or classes and had big moments of 'Holy Crap I see it now.'  But then a few weeks later your life is more or less the same.

  • Do you get glimpses of the best version of yourself but then something happens and you go back to the old, scared, insecure you.

  • If you answered yes to more than 3 out of 5 you maybe adult onset  'I know it but can't be it - itus' 

That's what I had.



And that matters to you because you are someody that wants to be happier and healtheri, and has tried that matters to you, because I can tell you are somebody that is doing pretty well already.  But pretty good isn't enough for you.  You want want great.  You want that first place podium spot. 

You could have easily taken the easy path and gone for an average, comfortable life. And that would have been fine for most people.  You have friends that, that settle for mediocre blandness and you think 'What are they doing?' There is so much more out there.'  A) You are right there is so much more out there. But B) you aren't most people... 


You have dreams and unlike most people you go after them.


You want financial freedom and unlike most people you are going after it.

You want to do what you love and unlike most people you are actually going after it.


You have some great ideas, but unlike most people you are bringing these good ideas to the world

So what is the problem?  Well the problem is even though you know what you want, and have tried. You aren't able to create it.

If you are single maybe you are going on a merry-go-round of average with average matches. But you don't want average. You are allergic to average.  You want your equal, somebody that  can match you and excite you on all levels.   You don't just want anybody, you want that right person for you.  Who wants to love and appreciate and honor you as is...and not try to change you.  You know what you want, but you aren't able to create it.

And if you are in a relationship maybe you have great love already, but then also maybe your relationship is good, but still just missing something.  It's comfortable, but not passionate.  They are good paper, but this isn't paper, this about having that deep connected passionate love we all want and deserve.  You know what you want, but you aren't able to create it.

And it's not like you haven't tried to create what you want. You've read personal development books, taken courses or workshops. Maybe even gone to some very expensive retreats.  And they were helpful. They gave you some good insights into yourself. And you are now more aware of what is holding you back.  But there is different between knowing and becoming.  

So what's the problem?  The problem is you is you know what is holding you back, but you aren't able to move past it and actually get what you want.

You see people ahead of you and more successful than you and think ‘ I could do that too.'   And you are right, you could.   But you don't. leaving you feeling flat, bored and unfullfilled...why?   Because you now the what, but not the how. And I am guessing, there is this confident, open-hearted vulneralbe, honest super hero verison of you, that you can see and feel tht wants to come out.  Maybe you have even seen glimpses of it and 'thought oh man that version of me rocks and gets what it want.'  But then if fades.  So you know what type of person you want to be.  But you don't have a 'how'


We could play this game all day, but it comes down this.  You know the what but not the how.  And before you maybe beat yourself up and say 'See I knew it, another thing I suck at' . I want to let you in on a dirty little secret.

And what personal development and spirituality don't want to admit it is you don't have a how because nobody really teachers it.

I know it works because I created it first for me.  Like you I had potential.  I was smart. I had some successes.  And people told me I was doing pretty well.  And on paper I was.  But I didn't feel it.  I still felt unfulfilled.  Flat. Bored.  Everything just felt average.   And I had one relationship after another that was a slight improvement each time, but still just kept making the same mistakes.  And attracting the same person.  I knew I wanted more...I needed more, but didn't know how.     And so liek you I wetn around looking for help....I read all the books.  I took the worksships and classes and retreats.  I TedTalked my butt off.   And still the bank account was not what I wanted.  

EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED.....ENGINEERING....I stepped away from al lthe tbooks and jargon and catchphrases and said 'OKay let's see what works and what doesn't work.  Why is there so much stuff saying it will help, but people still just deal with sympstosm... It tooks ten years of reserach working over 1000 people to...


It took me $1000,000 and ten years to see that everybody was teaching the 'what' but not the how.  But it's like walking up to a drwoning person and aying 'Man it sure would be great if you could swim' . Well gotta go.

The 'what' is a good place to start.  But without a how, it's almost always a just out of reach dream.  Or for me it was a nightware. 

So how did I wake up...I'm Engineer....What I saw, I believe was a massive breakthrough....A blind spot that was keeping people stuck.  That personal development was missing.  And setting us all up for failure.  There was lots of indiviudal pieces of good advice, but there was no complete model of understanding.  It would be like a personal trainer that teachers you about experience but not diet.  Or you hire a gardener that waters the plants but doesn't give them fertiizeler.  

And so I felt like there are so many people in the world who want to live happier haelathyer lives, but with the current tools available people won't get there.  So created an Organization called Global Inner Fitness Training...It took what I saw and created systamatized it.  So that instead of a lots of abstract concepts that are tough to pin down and master, it was a simple process that anybody could learn...and execture . Like a gym.  if you work the steps you get the resutls.

The systematic undersanding is called H.A.R.T.   it works because it goes beyound symptosm to the root cause and beause it's a mroe than just information.  It's a system so if you work the steps you get the restults.

It works because it goes deep to the root cause, which is how you feel about love and acceting you.  Once you are good with you, so  much of life falls into place.  But this is not a self-love can be abstract and woo woo.  This is anything but's the missing chemical for you inner synery.  There is no fluffy affirmations...H.A.R.T. is an innter technology you an entire new operating system.

Because the results based, systematic appraoch the H.A.R.T. is used by companies, schools, help people with everything from stress, addiction, confidence,, emotional resilience, I have tuaght the H.A.R.T to over 300,000 people and but now it's time to make it available to individuals.


THIS IS FOR YOU, If you want a clear and powerful understanding of your inner mechanis.

You have a clear path to fix that thing you have always wanted to fix.

If you have already tried to fix this ting and it's still keeping you from being that best version of yourself.


When I teach H.A.R.T. in companies it's usually $700.  But for non-profits and individuals, I charge $200. However G.I.F.T now has a generous grant from Google, so I can give it to you completely for free.


We will measure you fear, and confidence before and after....and you will see a drop.  

It proves the model works, 

I am an Engineer...I make thing that work.


Discipline....disciplined.  Reactive.....

My name is Daniel Packard.  I created a non profit organization called Global Inner Fitness Training (G.I.F.T). Our mission is to take the pioneerng inner self-love technology I help compaies and other non profits all over the world...


I saw that low self-love was at the root of so many prole...and people were helping logistically but we need something to help the planet on the inside.  So I developed (more on that story later) an easy to learn practical, step by step to buld...

help the providing profoundly effective tools and an online education...that anybody can learn...

H.A.R.T. we work with Saanca...Vicencity...Afrika Tikkun...MindValley...what makes this inner technology unique and why you should care is because it's designed to get results....

Watch this video of transformaed.....

I've already helped over 300,000 people....


I was somebody that had it all, on paper.  Things were good on the surfce..but underneath....and I thought there had to be soemth8ng better...I' an Engineer and I like efficiency so I aw that low self-love was creating all of theproboems...but then I looked around and I spent ten years and over 50,000 in classes...and still I had this fear of rejection...

mention fear of rejection.....couldn't move..

Why if we know self-love is the answer don't we have self-love.So I decided to create my own....along teh way I saw very clearly why .... other things don't work.  In fact self-love is it's taught completely backwards. And is incomlete.  It's like gardening with just water....

And then one day I my fear of rejection fell below a 3 and my life got so much easier.

It's a good question how do you know it will work for you..given how other thigns dont work and everbody is different it's a great let me know....

You have maybe tried to have more self-love and made some improvement and some awareness but you are still being held back...H.A.R.T. was designed to blast through that personal developem cieling goes deep to the too cause and it's a system meaning if you work the simple steps you get the's also designedto help any person no matter what they


From doing this for over ten years I have seen how quickly you can hange a life....this isn't fluffy affirmations...self-love is a bit misunderstood and is some has some bagggae...on social media...Umm no 'It's not a hastag it is the fastest most efficient path to happiness.

Also because self-love is taught like incorrectly peole don't go deep enough...and it doesn't work

I am Engineer I designed this to work, to we get a 87% succes rate.

It pains me because I see so many people working n themselves thorugh personal development and I want to scram and say 'Stop vision boarding. stop saying you are powerful.  You have to feel enough and worthy.

And then everything is simple and much easier.  Don't keep ignoring this...please don't read another self-help book until you see what I came up with...

I see so m



You will measure you self-love before and after and you will see an immediate will feel calmer.

I will show you proper self-love mechanics that have a simple daily discipracice you can do in ten mintures....that is like water i...

You will also feel 12-15% more calm and confident...I am not trying to telling yo this because so much stuff out there doesn't work.  And this does.

Why you aren't changing faster.


Self-love is misunderstood...You do actually love yoursel.

You have two beliefs not enough and I don't deserve these two lies. will create all the problems...addiction, stress, codpendcancy.

Thes inner technolgoy systametically dissolves and heals these two beliefs....once the garden is healthy it's so much easier.


Fear of rejection is feeling not enough.

Also creates undesrving which leads to this list...the big lis of nope.

It's a lie, you don't ahve to improve or fix yourself, just undo this one lie....

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